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All international adoption will be processed since the applicants to become adopting parents formalize their requirements according to the State Judiciary Commission of Adoption (CEJA). The petitioners must provide the following:

  • Document issued by the appropriate authority in their place of domicile, stating they are properly qualified to adopt under the laws of their state;
  • Psychosocial homestudy in the petitioner’s residence;
  • Criminal background check and clearance;
  • Physical and psychological medical report;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Passport;
  • Proof of income;
  • Certificate of residence;
  • The current legislation of the respective state of domicile of the prospective adopting parents and proof that the law is still in effect.
  • Declaration of awareness as following ;
  • Requirement as following;

PS All documents in a foreign language must be duly authenticated by the Brazilian consular authority (Embassy or Consulate). They must be attached to the translations made by Brazilian sworn public translators. Copies must be authenticated.


Documentary required to register international entities

13. The register of international institutions acting on behalf of CEJA will happen before the presentation of the following:

a) Documentary proof of the institution enrollment in the Federal Administrative Central Authority;

b) the rules which created them and regularized their statutes or likewise constitution documents;

c) the proof of the official authorization to work in the country of origin, if it is a private institution;

d) the documentary that identifies the institution chairmen;

e) the current adoption legislation in its country of origin duly translated, and proof that the law is still in effect.

13.1 When applying for the license the institution will indicate the Brazilian resident who will represent it.

13.2 The adoption process will follow the same pattern for the institutions and the citizens that are interested in adopting a child in Brazil.

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